Our Story

Hello! We are Crimple Valley Fresh. Steve and Lizzie are the two that had the privilege of being in the picture! We'd like to tell you a bit about how the business started out.

Steve, his wife Dorothy and their four children moved to Harrogate from Northumberland in 1993 to run a dairy farm at Fulwith Mill on the south side of Harrogate. This farm is situated in the Crimple Valley under the Crimple viaduct (hence the name!). Due to difficult farming circumstances and after much deliberation, they decided to disperse their dairy herd. It was not an easy decision to make as you get quite attached to animals you have raised, nurtured and milked for so many years.

Steve decided to start up a delivery business. His aim being to source the best local produce possible and deliver it directly to you.

In 2012 the business expanded into two shop locations at both Pannal and Darley Post Offices. This is where Lizzie comes in - originally working in the Darley shop and quickly became a core component in running our business. In our shops we keep a variety of local produce alongside giving the villages a corner shop/ cafe that feels like home.