Christmas Poultry, Meats and Pies


Final orders for Nidderdale turkeys 22nd November 
Final orders for Herb Fed at Pilmoor 30th November
 Other meat and pie orders by 30th November


To place your order call 01423 873636, email, or call in at one of our shops. Please let us know if you want to do a Christmas veg order as well.

Collection 23rd and before 12 noon 24th December.
Delivery 22nd and 23rd December.
Allow 500g/1lb per person approx.  

 Herb Fed At Pilmoor

**Due to increased demand and supply issues certain turkeys have limited availability. Once our quota has been filled sales of certain turkeys will cease. **

Free range Bronze Turkey fed on herbs 4kg-12kg (SOLD OUT) - £12/kg

Free Range Herb Fed Bronze Turkey Crown 2.5kg-5kg (SOLD OUT) - £12/kg

Free Range Herb Fed Boned and Rolled Turkey £38

2kg-2.5kg £47

2.5kg-3kg £56

3kg-3.5kg £66

Dry Plucked Goose 4kg-7kg - £15.75/kg

Dry Plucked Duck 2kg-3.5kg - £9.20/kg


Nidderdale Poultry

Barn reared white turkey 2kg-8kg £9.75/kg

Free Range Turkey £11.45 /kg

Butterfly Turkey (Boneless Breast) 2kg-8kg TBA

Duck 2kg-5kg TBA

Fresh Goose 2kg-6.5kg  £16.50 /kg



Supplied by our local butcher, sourcing meats from Yorkshire.

 **Due to current supply issues certain meats are not guaranteed. If your desired cut and size is not available the closest match will be provided. If you would like to guarantee your cut, please order earlier in advance and freeze at home. Call 01423 873636 if you need more information. **

Rib of Beef  £15 /kg

Beef Roasting Joint  £12 /kg

Gammon Joint  (min weight 1.36kg)  £7.50 /kg

Sausage Meat  £7.98 /kg

Streaky Bacon  £9.98 /kg

Lion of Pork Boned and Rolled  £8.98/ kg

Leg of Pork Boned and Rolled  £7.98/ kg

Rack of Lamb £16 /kg

Leg of Lamb Joint Bone in  £12.50 /kg


Voakes Pies

Size 1 – Feeds 4-6

Size 2 – Feeds 6-8

Size 3 – Feeds 8-10


Pork Pies

Size 1 - £4.80

Size 2 - £9.20

Size 3 - £12.80


Christmas Special with Poultry, Sage and Onion Stuffing (with cranberry sauce or apricots)

Size 1 - £6.20

Size 2 - £10.50

Size 3 – £15.50


Pork Pie with Black Pudding and Red Onion Marmalade

Size 1 - £5.50

Size 2 - £9.80

Size 3 - £13.50


Game Pie

Size 1 - £7.25

Size 2 - £12.25

Size 3 - £18.50

Final orders for Nidderdale turkeys 22nd November 

Final orders for Herb Fed at Pilmoor 30th November

Please call 01423 873636 to place an order.